There is beauty, inspiration, and, most importantly, humour, to be found in everything from the tallest mountain to the muddiest puddle.


David Green About Me

Thank you for visiting my site, and for coming to find out a little more about who I am, and what I do. After many years in the restaurant and music production industries I decided to look at the degree on my wall as more than just a lovely decoration. Like most people, circling back to my roots has proven to be an idea that was too long in the making. Since returning to writing I have re-discovered the love I had for exploring thoughts and ideas with the written word. In a time when so much content is consumed through video, there is still plenty of room to write, and to provide both personal and client satisfaction with the humble word. 

As a blogger, I explore how modern technology affects the human experience, write a lot about the process of writing, and like to put the most mundane of things through am absurdist analytical lens. My lifelong addiction to sitcoms also led me to create the Sitcom Rewind series where I look back fondly, or not so fondly, on the television shows that made us laugh over the years.

As a freelance writer, I create and edit marketing content, sales copy, and blog articles that drive customer engagement, helping businesses achieve both present and future success.

I also like mountains. A lot. And fantasy sports. Way too much.